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Chicago Actor Headshots

Basic Headshots
  • 1 Outfit/ Look
  • 1 Retouched Image
  • Grey or White Backdrop
  • 30 Minutes
Standard Headshots
  • 2-3 Outfits/ Looks
  • 3 Retouched Images
  • Multiple Backdrops In-Studio
  • 1.5 Hours
  • Downloadable Gallery of All Images Taken
Deluxe Headshots
  • 3-5 Outfits/ Looks
  • 5 Retouched Images
  • In-Studio and/ or Outdoor Backdrops
  • 2.5 Hours
  • Downloadable Gallery of All Images Taken

Additional retouched images can be purchased for $40 each or 3 for $100

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When submitting a headshot for that important audition, you have one-tenth of a second to catch someone’s eye before the person moves on to the next headshot in the slush pile. That’s why it’s important to contact a professional who specializes in actor headshots for Chicago-based performers.

Chicago-based professional photographer Kyle Bondeson is experienced in putting together all the key elements of a photo shoot. The goal is not only for you to obtain a headshot that makes you stand out from the competition, but also for you to have a great experience during the shoot itself. Getting your actor headshots taken should be fun!

After you contact Kyle, don’t wait until the day of the shoot to prepare. Gather your various wardrobe options way ahead of time. Make sure you have a variety of outfits to choose from! Pay similar attention to any accessories like jewelry. That way, when you head to your specialized Chicago actor headshots shoot, you’ll be confident that you’ve done your homework, so now Kyle can do his.

Chicago-based professional photographer Kyle Bondeson has more than a dozen years of experience as a full-time professional portrait photographer. Kyle is well known for being one of The Windy City’s best headshot and portrait photographers. He makes headshots, a fun, easy experience, and produces stellar results with photographs that will catch the eye of casting directors.

Here are just some of the benefits of Kyle Bondeson Actor Headshots Service: professionalism, affordable pricing, no hidden fees, extensive experience, flexible scheduling, and outstanding photographs that will catch the eye of producers, management, etc.

Don't hesitate. Contact Kyle Bondeson Photography today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Skip the selfies and hire a professional, like me! The following FAQs will help you understand the importance of professional quality headshots, but lighting and focus are the top reasons to opt out of doing headshots for yourself.

  • As a calling card and first impression, headshots are important to get right!

    Good headshots will provide the best lighting for your face, draw attention to your expression, and be a flattering representation of yourself that will catch the attention of casting directors and agents.

  • Headshots aren’t a glamour shots moment. Now is a good time to determine the roles you’re hoping to be cast for and select outfits that match those characters.

    Layering is also recommended to add visual interest to your photos and enhances your look compared to a simple t-shirt.

    Skip busy patterns, however, that are distracting to the eye.

    My top suggestions are to wear outfits you feel good in, get compliments on and look good on you.

    If you plan to wear a new outfit for your photoshoot, pick one that fits well and is a color you know looks good on you.

    If you feel comfortable and confident in your outfit, then it will be reflected in your photos.

  • The worst color for headshots is white because it reflects light and can affect the quality of the photo. That said, avoid white and colors close to white.

    Instead, pick contrasting colors to your skin color. Avoid colors that blend in with your skin.

    I find that most people look good in blues, greens and purples and other rich colors because they compliment the natural red tone in their skin.

  • Nearly everyone looks good in black. Dark colors provide more contrast in a photo and wearing black is a great way to shift focus to your face, naturally.

    While black is recommended, be sure to bring a few different color tops that will contrast against different backgrounds.

  • I advise against wearing jewelry in your headshots.

    As discussed before, your acting headshots are your calling card and your best first impression. I want you to be the focal point of your images and jewelry can be a distraction.

  • Smiling for your acting headshots is recommended to show warmth and approachability in your photos. Remember that headshots are your first impression, so it’s important to make sure your smile isn’t fake.

    Consider the roles you’re hoping to be cast for. If you plan to play serious roles, consider a more serious headshot.

    Either way, your photographer will help you display your genuine self without looking awkward or unapproachable.


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With more than 15 years of professional photography experience, Kyle Bondeson has the experience and skill set necessary to make you look your best.

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