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How Corporate Headshots Can Enhance Your Personal Branding

Branding involves creating a unique visual identity for your business and the product or services you provide. While many businesses focus on logos, fonts, and color palettes, your corporate headshot is often the most memorable part of your marketing. Exceptional corporate headshot photography can enhance your resume, assist you with networking, or even add the final touch to your website.


Learning more about how corporate headshots can enhance your personal branding is the first step toward obtaining clear, beautiful, and meaningful photos that will take your business and career to the next level.

Aligning Your Headshot with Your Brand’s Values and Personality

Corporate headshot photography is an excellent tool for communicating your brand’s personality and values. It can portray everything from professionalism, credibility, and authority to playfulness, friendliness, and warmth depending on the message you want to send.


For example, if you are an injury lawyer who wants to portray yourself as a go-getter, your headshot may feature a serious facial expression with only a hint of warmth. You might wear sharp suit in a dark color and pair this with a white background. On the other hand, if you run a daycare, you might choose to wear light colors against a playful background while wearing a beaming warm smile. The idea is to tell your story through your facial expressions, your use of color, and your attire.

Consistently Using Your Headshot Across Different Platforms and Materials

A corporate headshot can serve much like a brand logo when it is used consistently across all your social media accounts, flyers, websites, and advertisements. According to insight from Nielsen, consumers who see a brand’s imagery multiple times in multiple places over multiple days are far more likely to remember that imagery in the future. When a consumer needs the product or service associated with that image, they are most likely to reach out to the brand behind that image.


Use your headshot as your profile picture on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and anywhere else you interact with your audience. Make sure it is prominent on your website, and if you are actively seeking a new role, use your headshot in the upper left corner, just above your contact information. Corporate headshot photography can even send a message to potential employers and improve your odds of being interviewed.

Showcasing Your Unique Qualities and Characteristics Through Your Headshots

Corporate headshot photography is a phenomenal way to showcase the qualities and characteristics that make you and your business unique. There are a few things to consider when you want your characteristics to really shine through in your photo.


  • Clothing: What you wear can say a lot about you and your business. If you are searching for an executive-level position, it is vital to dress for success. If you run a dog grooming business, you can opt for more playful and fun attire – something bright and colorful, perhaps even with visible paw prints.
  • Location: While plain backgrounds in solid colors are best for many types of corporate headshot photography, specific locations and backdrops can showcase your uniqueness. If your career focuses on botany or nature, consider taking your photo near a flower garden or in a forest. An out-of-focus view of a city skyline can show authority, while taking a photo in front of a graffitied wall can help you appear quirky and urban.
  • Poses and Props: If you want to appear serious and completely professional, face the camera and look at it directly. Other options could include turning slightly to one side, crossing your arms, or even looking away from the camera at a prop that perfectly highlights your mission. 
  • Hair and Makeup: Hair and makeup should usually look natural and clean, though exceptions for hairdressers and professional makeup artists do exist. Otherwise, if you and your business are quirky, feel free to show that off in your headshot. 
  • Facial Expression: Finally, the facial expression used in your corporate headshot should reflect the emotion you want to elicit in your audience. A warm smile will help you come across as open and friendly, while a serious face with piercing eyes may show that you are determined to succeed.

Using Your Headshot to Highlight Your Professional Achievements and Credentials

Corporate headshot photography can help you show off your professional achievements and credentials. Many doctors, lawyers, and others edit their headshots to include their names and credentials. It is important to choose a font and color that aligns with the message you want to send. In some cases, diplomas and awards can be used as props in corporate photographs.


Professional corporate headshot photography has never been more important than it is today. Whether you are building a personal brand or you want to make your business more memorable, Kyle Bondeson Photography has the skills, knowledge, and technology to provide top-notch headshots that you can use across every platform. Book your appointment now and choose from one of several packages that best suit your needs.