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Who Needs Professional Headshots? Do I Need One?

You might be wondering if your profession requires you to get a professional headshot. Even if it doesn’t, you’d be in a better position if you decide to get a headshot anyway. After all, there are many, many reasons to have a nice, professional photo of yourself taken. Everyone from the CEO to the janitor would benefit from being able to put their photo on the company website. 

What Professions Need Headshots?

Aside from the obvious answer of “every profession,” there are some businesses that need a headshot more than others. Remember: Posing for a headshot is not a waste of time. Instead, it allows you to set a professional tone. One image can do wonders for you and your reputation! 

CEOs and Entrepreneurs

If you want to make yourself known in the business world, it’s imperative to get a nice headshot. Whether you’re the CEO of an international company or a brand-new entrepreneur, most people will judge you based on this one image. In light of all that, it’s best to ensure you do it right.

Actors and Models 

Acting headshots are an absolute necessity. If you doubt this, simply try to get cast without one. Even if you’re an A-list star, the odds are high that some casting directors will still want a headshot. Make it easy for them by having several images to choose from. 


Every employee needs a good corporate headshot. Not only will this allow their company to put their photos online, but it will also create a nice sense of symmetry. Make sure every employee uses the same photographer and stays on-brand with their photo. 

Public Figures 

Anyone who’s in the public eye understands why a headshot is necessary. Without one, you take the risk of having unflattering pictures used by the media. Instead, stay one step ahead of the press by presenting a professional headshot for them to use. 

Professional Services 

First impressions mean everything for those working as lawyers, real estate agents, consultants, etc. Almost every time they send out a proposal, a headshot is attached. Without it, people are less likely to work with them. For real estate agents, it’s beyond essential to have a professional image. This is because most real estate ads include a picture of the salesperson. 

LinkedIn Members 

Are you actively seeking a job on LinkedIn? One of the best ways to turn the tide in your favor is by utilizing a professional headshot. Without it, you’re going to have a more difficult time getting employers and recruiters to read about your qualifications. LinkedIn has found that members who use a headshot receive nine times more connection requests and have 21 times more profile views. 

Small Business Owners 

What happens if you own a small business and suddenly the media takes an interest in you? This is exactly what you want, but things can turn desperate quickly if you don’t have a headshot readily available. 

Dating Sites

Yes, believe it or not, even people who are using a dating site need to consider taking their profile to the next level. A headshot can make you look more appealing, and it could also lead to more responses. Sure, it’s not actually a profession, but what’s more important to you than finding the person of your dreams? 

Should You Get Professional Headshots?

If you still find yourself wondering, “Do I need professional headshots,” it’s time to start thinking about how much they can accomplish. Here are three benefits to think over:

#1: They Help Avoid Wrong First Impressions

First, no matter how many times your parents told you not to, pretty much everyone judges a book by its cover. In fact, this is a psychological phenomenon called “thin slices.” Second, even when that first impression is wrong, it’s still the one most people go with. This means you need to present the cleanest, most poised version of yourself, and that’s easily accomplished with a headshot. 

#2: They Modernize Your Appeal

Around 70% of hiring managers are using LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to prescreen candidates. LinkedIn is the one you want to think about out of these three here and placing a good, professional online headshot will modernize your appeal and give recruiters a sense of who you are. 

Additionally, your LinkedIn photo should represent who you are professionally as much as possible since recruiters will expect this. Being hired is important business, so you may want to consult with an experienced photographer to get LinkedIn photo tips or have professional photos made that meet LinkedIn’s guidelines.  

#3: They Engage Your Audience 

People want to feel engaged by your image. This doesn’t mean you have to have a perfect appearance, but it does mean you need to present yourself in your best light. Working with a professional photographer will put you in the best possible position to let your light shine through – even if you’re introverted. 

Why Everyone Should Have a Professional Headshot 

Now that we know just how important a first impression is, it’s very important to discuss headshots. It doesn’t matter if you’re a corporate professional, an indie author, or a firefighter. The only thing that matters is that you use a headshot that will immediately convey a message about you and your professionalism. 

For instance, let’s talk a bit about personal branding. The first thing to note is that personal branding can also encompass your business, especially if you own it. At the end of the day, the entire intention behind personal branding is to market yourself using the same consistent voice. 

Think for a moment about the last sports star, actor, or singer who spoke out about something in the media. If they chose wisely, it improved their brand. However, those who selected a controversial topic to espouse most likely hurt their personal brand. In turn, this can also harm the brand of anyone who associates with them. 

That’s why so many people who spend a lot of time building their brand choose not to address certain topics. Instead, they allow their headshots and other public interactions to speak for them. If nothing else, it gives them the chance to really think about a topic before they speak out. If you don’t have a headshot, though, you’re allowing people to decide what you care about, and that’s never a good look.

So…Who Needs Professional Headshots? You Do!

The takeaway here is that headshots are recommended for EVERYONE seeking jobs. When it comes down to it, getting a professional headshot is one of the best things you can do for yourself. It will help you open doors in the business world, and it’s also a great way to convey to the media that you’re at the top of your game. Kyle Bondeson Photography understands this, and he’ll ensure you look your best! Book your headshot now.