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The Best Professional Headshot Background for Your Resume, Website, and More

A successful professional headshot is the result of numerous factors, including your facial expression, your clothing and accessory choices, and even the background. Headshot backgrounds can change the mood of your photograph, and they can vary based on your company’s industry and role.


Kyle Bondeson Photography offers corporate headshot packages that suit your needs and your budget, including your choice of several headshot backgrounds. Learn more about how we choose the right background for a professional headshot through collaboration and a passion for excellence.

How the Right Background for Headshots Makes an Impact

Capturing an image that captivates viewers at first glance is more than simply donning the right clothes, adjusting the lighting, and flashing a brilliant smile. An amazing corporate headshot requires a mix of visually-pleasing aesthetics and expert composition.


A headshot background adds depth and context to your personal story, helping you stand out as an expert and authority in your field. The background for a headshot can set the mood for the photo through color and texture, and in some situations, photographers may even use props to enhance the background and make your photo more memorable.

Adding Depth and Context

The right headshot background adds a unique layer to a photograph through patterns, textures, colors, or a mix of all three. Backgrounds can make photos more dynamic, particularly when using perspective techniques with foreground props that anchor the image. They can even be used to emphasize certain parts of a photo, such as the texture on your blouse or the shine in your hair.

Narrating Your Story

Headshot backgrounds also add narrative and meaning to your photo, evoking emotions without a single word. Using light, color, and texture to emphasize your mission, values, and passion is paramount to telling your story – ultimately, selling your own personal brand.

Standing Out

In a professional headshot, your face should be the center of attention. Professional headshot backgrounds aim to complement your facial expression, attire, and accessories. For example, if you want a clean, crisp appearance with zero distractions, opt for a bright white background. Conversely, if you want to wear a light color, a solid black background can have the same impact.




Types of Backgrounds and Their Implications

Solid Color Backgrounds

  • White: Clean and versatile, suitable for a wide range of professions.
  • Gray: Offers a balance of professionalism and modernity, works well for corporate jobs.
  • Blue: Conveys trust and calm, ideal for professionals in healthcare, education, and corporate sectors.

Office Settings

  • Bookshelves: Suggests intellect and is excellent for academics, lawyers, and consultants.
  • Modern Office Backdrop: Implies professionalism; suitable for executives and tech professionals.

Outdoor and Natural Settings

  • Greenery: Conveys approachability and is perfect for roles in the environment or sustainability sectors.
  • Urban Backgrounds: Best for creatives or professionals in urban planning, real estate, etc.

Studio Backgrounds for Headshots: Versatility and Consistency

Studio headshot backgrounds come in a wide range of styles that offer a consistent and versatile experience. Some studios opt to use a black or white semi-reflective background that can be altered with professional lighting equipment. Others use drop-down backgrounds in a wide range of styles, ranging from stripes and floral prints to black, white, and pastel colors.


Studios also use soft light on textured backgrounds like brick or fabric. Diffused light spreads more evenly, eliminating shadows and ensuring that the focus remains on the subject – you.

Choose Kyle Bondeson Photography for Professional Headshot Background Options

The background for a headshot can make or break a photo. A background is neither a prop nor a way to fill space; it establishes your personality, sets the mood and tone of your first impression on others, and encourages viewers to approach you when they need your product or service.

Background options are endless, and choosing the right one can seem daunting. For expert help in selecting backgrounds for professional headshots, and for the best quality photos in the Chicago area, choose Kyle Bondeson Photography for your business headshots or marketing portraits.