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Headshots Outside or Inside: Which is Better?

Headshots are tightly cropped portraits that only include the head and shoulders of the subject. The focus is entirely on the person’s face. That may sound faintly similar to a passport photo or even a mug shot. However, a professional headshot is much more than just a quick snapshot. A professional headshot will reveal your character and help people relate to you on an emotional level. This is much more than just helping to identify who you are.

Working with a professional photographer is important so you get a high-quality headshot that will help you build your reputation online and off. Headshots play a valuable role across a wide variety of industries, including actors, models, bank board members, key staff for high-end businesses, and more. You want to make sure you get your headshot right, and you may have many questions. You may want to start with some basic questions, such as whether a headshot must be done in a studio. You may also wonder if they can be done in your workplace. Of course, you may also wonder which is better for professional headshots, outside or inside.

Do Headshots Have to Be Inside at a Studio?

Headshots can be taken anywhere; they don’t have to be taken inside a studio. There are some advantages and disadvantages to taking headshots in a studio. There isn’t a clear-cut right or wrong answer when it comes to taking your headshots in a studio, on location, or outside. Choosing a location will come down to which setting best reflects the brand and personal preferences. The best answer to this question relies on who needs the headshot and how it will be used.

Should You Take Headshots Outside or Inside?

Headshots offer value to professional businesses and actors. Your headshot becomes the face of your online network, and they are useful for helping set your resume apart from other applicants. Whether you should take professional headshots inside or outside depends on several factors, including your industry, your audience, and the message you want to convey. A professional headshot photographer will create headshots that have a consistent look and lighting no matter what location you choose. However, there are some pros and cons to taking headshots outside and inside or in the studio.

Outdoor Headshots

Taking photos outside in natural light can provide a softer, fresher feel than headshots taken indoors. Some advantages of taking headshots outdoors include an instant atmosphere, which means neither you nor your professional photographer has to manufacture a backdrop. Just choose an outdoor location that has the aesthetics you prefer, such as a waterscape, park background, other natural scenes, or a streetscape. Outdoor photography can take advantage of natural lighting, and you don’t have walls closing you in. You can also take advantage of seasonal features such as the burst of fall colors or bright green hues of spring. These effects can be difficult to recreate in the studio environment.

There are a few cons to outdoor photoshoots, but most of them are not deal breakers but simply worth considering when setting up the shoot. You may need to work around the weather by keeping up with the latest local forecasts. Also, remember that when you are shooting outdoor headshots in a public place, you are not guaranteed privacy.

On Location Headshots

On location, headshots can provide numerous advantages. It offers a more natural setting that reflects both your personality and your brand. When you use your office space or other workplace location, it showcases your environment and industry, adding a personal touch to your headshot, which makes you stand out from your competition. An on-location photoshoot provides plenty of variety and creativity over a studio headshot session. You have a variety of relevant backgrounds to choose from, including poses and lighting. Shooting on-location is a great time saver, which is especially beneficial for companies that need to update headshots for several employees.

One disadvantage to on-location headshots includes having less control over the environmental lighting. The photographer will need to adjust the lighting in each location. There can also be scheduling conflicts, or you may have to limit the shooting to a specific time of day to get the best lighting in a certain area.

Studio Headshots

Studio headshots are taken inside a special photographic studio. Do headshots have to be inside a studio? No, even at a studio, a photographer can take headshots outside or inside. However, there are several distinct advantages to taking headshots in a studio. The headshot is taken against a plain background, which is usually a neutral color like white, gray, or black. Artificial lighting is in use to ensure proper lighting. Since the photographer controls the lighting, it is consistent, and it won’t matter what time of day or night the images are captured. Studio headshots include a simple, clean background and style that doesn’t distract from the subject of the photo. The studio headshot is easily replicated, which is perfect for members of a team.

There are a couple of disadvantages of studio headshots. For instance, you may need to travel to the studio for the photo shoot. It is also uncomfortable for some people to stand or sit in front of a camera, making it difficult to get a more natural shot. Professional photographers with years of experience, like Kyle Bondeson, are pros at helping subjects feel at ease in front of the camera.

Choosing a Photographer

After you’ve decided what setting you prefer for your headshot, you will need to choose a photographer. You may want to talk to several photographers and look at their portfolios. A professional photographer should have plenty of examples of headshots, and you should like the results you see. You’ll also want to choose a photographer who listens to you and seems easy to work with. Some important considerations that can influence the project negatively or positively include:

  • Photographer’s Level of Experience. Choose a photographer who is familiar with providing the results you want. They should know exactly what you need in a professional headshot and why you need it.
  • Good Ideas. Good photographers will be a great source for providing exceptional ideas.
  • Easy to Schedule. Ask the photographer about how busy they are and how far out you may need to schedule a photoshoot. Check with them about how they deal with weather conditions that are not suitable for outdoor photo shoots, cancelation, and rescheduling if necessary.
  • Friendly and Helpful Demeanor. Your chosen photographer should be friendly and easy to work with. They should be concerned about you and want to ensure you get the professional headshot you need.

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