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Your Guide to Incredible and Professional Realtor Headshots

As a Realtor, your headshot is a powerful marketing asset that can help you make great first impressions with potential clients. Your Realtor headshot should represent you as a whole – what you look like and what you stand for.

At Kyle Bondeson Photography, we understand that your headshot represents your commitment to your clients and your career. The following guide to excellent Realtor headshots will help you achieve the best possible results from your photo shoot.

The Importance and Role of Realtor Headshots

Your success as a Realtor depends on your ability to form trusting professoinal relationships with your clients. In decades past, these relationships were built over time with in-person meetings and telephone calls, but times have changed. We live in a fast-paced digital world, and Realtors make their first impressions with websites, business cards, billboards, online directories, and other advertisements. Your headshot is the the literal and figurative face of your business.

As real estate becomes more lucrative and competitive, and as more people enter the profession, competition grows. Buyers and sellers turn to the internet to help them find the professionals they need, and they are inundated with potential Realtors. The best Realtor headshot helps you stand out from the growing crowd and capture your potential clients’ attention.

Modern Realtor Headshots: The New Trend

Realtor headshots have evolved over the years. Once upon a time, headshots focused solely on the shoulders upward, and they featured a solid background decorated only with the agency’s or Realtor’s logo. These days, headshots are far more exciting, and things like backgrounds, poses, and even field of view can influence the overall “feel” of the photography.


Though the photos should still have an overarching theme of professionalism, modern Realtor headshots allow for far more personalization. As a result, the photography is more unique, and real estate agents can use it to improve their marketing campaigns or further enhance their professional image.

Top 5 Tips for the Best Realtor Headshots

The best Realtor headshots should consist of five different elements that make a cohesive statement: pose, position, background, clothing and accessories, and facial expressions.


While Realtor headshots once cropped everything but the shoulders out of the photo, times have changed. These days, realtor headshots can include part or all of the body as long as the primary focus is on the face. Before choosing a pose, it is important to consider the size of the photo on business cards, flyers, and websites. Smaller photos should be cropped to include more of the face.


Choose a pose that looks relaxed, comfortable, and approachable, yet still professional. A popular pose in real estate photography features a seated Realtor leaning forward just slightly, as if ready to have a conversation. Another features a standing realtor facing the camera with the body turned just slightly away.


The Realtor’s face should always be the focus of the image. In most cases, professional photographers will always keep the Realtor’s face toward the top center of the photo. However, for small photos – such as photos for business cards – the Realtor’s face may be centered.


In years past, real estate agents chose backgrounds consisting of solid colors that suited their brand image. Black and white have always been popular options, but other solid colors have also worked well. Modern Realtor headshots can feature more interesting backgrounds that reflect their expertise or appeal to their target audience.


For example, a Realtor focused on selling office space in New York City might find that a background featuring a city skyline resonates with their clientele. On the other hand, a Realtor who sells single-family homes in small suburban areas might opt for a beautiful home featuring a vast front yard as the background.

Clothing & Accessories

Real estate agents are skilled professionals, so the clothing and accessories they wear in their photographs should reflect that. While some Realtors may feel tempted to “dress up” for photography, the best course of action is to dress exactly as they would when showing a property or meeting with a client. Bold patterns and flashy accessories can be distracting.

Facial Expressions

The facial expression in a Realtor headshot is the most important element of all. Most photographs feature a beaming, friendly smile that makes the Realtor appear approachable. However, if the smile appears forced, this will come across in the final product.

Guide to Male Realtor Headshots

Male Realtor headshots are somewhat different from their counterparts in a few different ways. Men might choose to wear a button-up shirt, jacket, and tie for a highly professional look, but in some situations, photos without the tie and jacket may be more representative of the Realtor’s personality and business practice.

Get the Best Realtor Headshots with a Professional Photographer

While a headshot might seem simple enough for almost anyone to create, an experienced professional will always get better and more impactful results. Professional photographers have the experience, equipment, and knowledge to create the perfect photos for your business cards, website, flyers, and more.


Kyle Bondesson Photography specializes in Realtor headshots that can propel your career forward. As a Realtor, you need to show your potential clients that you are skilled, capable, and personable. Professional headshots and marketing portraits can go a long way toward showing the world who you are.