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The Best Professional Headshot Background for Your Resume, Website, and More

A successful professional headshot is the result of numerous factors, including your facial expression, your clothing and accessory choices, and even the background. Headshot backgrounds can change the mood of your photograph, and they can vary based on your company’s industry and role.   Kyle Bondeson Photography offers corporate headshot packages that suit your needs […]

How to Choose a Photographer

In today’s competitive professional world, photography is vital for your personal brand. Many professionals are unsure about how to choose a professional photographer for business, actor, or staff headshots. Kyle Bondeson Photography has put together a list of tips and tricks to help you choose a photographer that will provide quality photos that suit your […]

Your Guide to Incredible and Professional Realtor Headshots

As a Realtor, your headshot is a powerful marketing asset that can help you make great first impressions with potential clients. Your Realtor headshot should represent you as a whole – what you look like and what you stand for. At Kyle Bondeson Photography, we understand that your headshot represents your commitment to your clients […]

How Corporate Headshots Can Enhance Your Personal Branding

Branding involves creating a unique visual identity for your business and the product or services you provide. While many businesses focus on logos, fonts, and color palettes, your corporate headshot is often the most memorable part of your marketing. Exceptional corporate headshot photography can enhance your resume, assist you with networking, or even add the […]

Why Is It Important to Do Staff Photos?

It can be easy to forget in today’s digitized business world that companies are ultimately made up of a group of individuals working together toward common goals. More companies are offering remote and hybrid working options, which can make it harder to remember humans are behind their success. Staff photos are a great way to […]

Headshots Outside or Inside: Which is Better?

Headshots are tightly cropped portraits that only include the head and shoulders of the subject. The focus is entirely on the person’s face. That may sound faintly similar to a passport photo or even a mug shot. However, a professional headshot is much more than just a quick snapshot. A professional headshot will reveal your […]

How Should Staff Prepare for a Business Photo Shoot?

Employee photos are an exceptional tool if you want to enhance your brand image or just show off your company to potential clients. A business photo shoot and staff headshots can provide a professional company impression. To have a great business shoot will require planning, persistence, and flexibility. And you’ll also need an experienced professional […]

What is Personal Branding Photography?

If you’ve been in the business world for even a short time, you may have heard someone say that you need to know your own personal brand. With the rapid growth of social media, the gig economy, and digital dominance, personal branding photography is becoming an essential element for those who desire a successful career. […]

Realtors Marketing Without Headshots: Is It a Good Idea?

Real estate professionals do a lot more than help their clients buy or sell properties. They must sell their personal brand. Buyers and sellers have lots of options when choosing a real estate agent. Branding and marketing strategies can help you stand out and show clients you are your best choice. Realtors marketing without headshots […]

What is a Headshot?

What is a Headshot? Defined There are many terms in the photography business, and it may seem a bit confusing at first. One such term is ‘headshot,’ which instantly conjures an image in your mind, but is it the right one? No matter what you think a headshot is right now, we’re going to explore […]

Who Needs Professional Headshots? Do I Need One?

You might be wondering if your profession requires you to get a professional headshot. Even if it doesn’t, you’d be in a better position if you decide to get a headshot anyway. After all, there are many, many reasons to have a nice, professional photo of yourself taken. Everyone from the CEO to the janitor […]

How to Plan a Personal Branding Photoshoot

If you own a business, especially one online, you’ve more than likely heard someone say “personal branding” at some point in time. You may or may not know what the term means. Let us explain. It’s simple: When people refer to personal branding, they’re referring to branding (read: marketing) themselves. So your personal brand is […]

Why a Professional Headshot is Important

You know that old saying “first impressions make the best impressions”? Well, it’s true. Research has shown that it takes people about .10 seconds to judge you based on their very first encounter with you. Furthermore, research also suggests that those first impressions are very difficult to change down the road. So what people see […]

10 Tips for an Amazing Family Spring Photoshoot

Have you taken a look out your window yet? If not, run! Spring has sprung, folks. Budding trees. Beautiful flowers peeking out. The sun is actually starting to feel warm again. That means it’s the perfect time to schedule your family photoshoot! With such beautiful weather, you just can’t go wrong. Especially not if you […]

10 Professional Photo Shoot Tips For Your Photo Shoot

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Market Your Business With Professional Headshots

You know this already, but it bears emphasizing: image is a vital part of any business. We live in an increasingly visual society. Much of the business you do will be online and so the image you portray there may be the only way people can engage with you. They’ll either like it or they […]

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It goes without saying—but I’ll say it anyway—cell phones are everywhere. There’s nowhere you can today where you won’t find someone using their phone, whether for business or pleasure. And frequently, whether you’re at work, a concert, or wandering a store, you’ll see people using their phones to take photographs. With the advent of phones, […]

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Some people overlook the importance of clearly establishing a personal brand. Today’s world is indisputably digital—and every bit as visual. Online platforms are increasingly your first opportunity to create a lasting, positive, professional impression on prospective clients. They’ll be looking at all the little details, and that includes examining your headshot for signs of professionalism […]

Do I Really Need a Professional Headshot?

It’s easy to overlook a headshot. It’s just a picture, right? Why would you need one? Well, the truth is there’s a very good reason why you absolutely need a headshot, ASAP: first impressions. The way the world works today, business is conducted online more often than not. You apply for jobs online. You submit […]

How to Get the Perfect Portrait Taken By a Professional

While you’d think having a professional portrait done should be easy, many people find it nerve-wracking. It makes sense—a portrait is something you’re not only going to share with people but is a memory that you will cherish for a lifetime. And you want that memory to encompass the whole photoshoot! To that end, here […]

Data Reveals the Importance of Image in Job Search

One-tenth of a second is the amount of time that it takes for a person viewing a photograph to form a lasting impression of the subject.

A 2005 study by Princeton psychologist Alexander Todorov showed participants photographs (headshots) of opposing political candidates and asked them to choose which they felt was more competent, based on 1/10 of a second exposure to a photograph of the headshot. The result was that 68.6% of the time, the candidate who was determined to be most competent, matched the winner of the political race.  

Simplified: Nearly 70% of the time random strangers were able to correctly predict the outcome of a political race by looking at the candidate’s headshots for the amount of time it takes for you to blink your eye.

Why Does This Matter?

You’re probably thinking “That’s interesting but I’m not running for office.”

A 2016 study done by CareerBuilder.com found:

  • 60% of employers use social media to research job candidates.
  • 59% of HR professionals use search engines to research candidates.


Well, that study is a few years old at this point, and according to Martin Yate, CPC, New York Times best-selling author of Knock ’em Dead: Secrets & Strategies for Success in an Uncertain World, these all-powerful HR gatekeepers have only gotten nosier. In a recent blog posting on CareerCast.com Yate claims, ” Up to 90% of human resources people say they check out social media profiles, especially LinkedIn and Facebook, before inviting a candidate in for an interview. This means the wrong headshot can kill your chances of even talking on the phone stone-dead.”


There’s Good News

Before you get too freaked out, you might be interested to learn that the same Careerbuilder.com study found that the 2.000-plus hiring managers and human resources professionals surveyed weren’t intentionally looking for negatives in a candidate. In fact, 60% of those surveyed said that they were “looking for information that supports their qualifications for the job.” Meaning, they want to find information that confirms their belief that you are a solid candidate to fill the position.

Why Get a Professional Headshot

Now we’re back to that super, ultra, exceptionally important 1/10th of a second. Let’s sum up what we’ve already gone over:

  1. Science has proven that people form lasting impressions of complete strangers within a tenth of a second of seeing their photograph.
  2. Somewhere between 60 – 90% of the people looking to hire you are checking out your Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram pages.
  3. They’re hoping to get a positive impression from what they find.

What’s the first thing that you see when you look for someone on Linkedin? Yes, their photo. And, whether or not you want to admit it you’re forming opinions about them before you even take a look at their profile.

A professional headshot is your opportunity to control your first impression. A well-done professional headshot will help you stand among the other avatars and look like a professional and serious candidate for the position.